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18th September 2021
KUZ Reichen Strasse

Quedlinburg, GER

17th December 2021
Factory with "Perkele" and "Paddys Punk"

Magdeburg, GER

18th December 2021
Skane Stadtmission with "The Headlines" and „Existenz“

Malmoe, SWE

6th May 2022
AJZ Chemnitz with "Bishops Green" European Tour

Chemnitz, GER

7th May 2022
Bastard Club with see above

Osnabrueck, GER

8th May 2022
AN CLUB with see above

Athen, GRC

10th May 2022
Goldgrube with see above

Kassel, GER

11th May 2022
Gibus Club with see above

Paris, FRA

12th May 2022
Les Tannerie with see above

Dijon, FRA

13th May 2022
Secret Place with see above

Montpellier, FRA

15th May 2022
Musikzentrum Sedel with see above

Luzern, CHE

17th May 2022
Sdatbahnhof with see above

Schweinfuhrt, GER

18th May 2022
Don´t Panic with see above

Essen, GER

19th May 2022
Musikbunker Aachen e.V. with see above

Aachen, GER

20th May 2022
Cafe Central with see above

Weinheim, GER

21th May 2022
Punk and Disorderly

Berlin, GER

22th May 2022
Magnetofon with see above

Lodz, POL

23th May 2022
Collosseum Club with see above

Kosice, SVK

24th May 2022
Barrak Music Club with see above

Ostrava Mesto, CZE

25th May 2022
Viper Club with see above

Wien, AUT

26th May 2022
Livestage with see above

Innsbruck, AUT

27th May 2022
Freakout Club with see above

Bologna, ITA

28th May 2022
Rock Town with see above

Cordenons, ITA



When Covid-19 hit the world and all gigs were canceled, long-time friends Silvio Schlesier and Sebastian Walkenhorst decided to start a new band. They built their own recording studio in their practice room and after the renovation work and the technical installations had been completed, it was time to write the first PLIZZKEN record. An overwhelming, almost unstoppable wave of inspiration drove them both to work hard, with energy and a lot of fun on their first full-length album "... and their paradise is full of snakes".

It was the first time for the two musicians that everything that came to mind during the songwriting was 100% translated into music. Once the instruments were in hand, no discussions were necessary. Silvio and Sebastian are two big music fanatics and while writing the record they listened to countless records from different punk decades to get a great and catchy feeling for the sound and the aesthetics of their debut album.

It was quickly decided to sing in English. The first line for this album, which also clearly shows the basic attitude of the two friends, was: “Go all the way!” From the title song “… and their paradise is full of snakes”.

Bands like The Who, Small Faces, Beatles, Beach Boys, the early David Bowie, but also bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols, Misfits, 7 Seconds, No Use For A Name, NOFX, Social Distortion and many more had a great influence on the band.

In general, PLIZZKEN even managed to convince the American market in a very short time, even before the first release, that this band has a clear future. So the strong Pirates Press Records label from California could already be won over for the debut album. As a booking agency, M.A.D. Tour-Booking is a must.

PLIZZKEN will be a live band and we wanna bring the energy and power on very stage everywhere people wanna see us. That’s the goal and the direction of the band.


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